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Vertical Basket Mill

Vertical Basket Mill


Contrary to comparable grinding systems, a completely enclosed grinding basket is driven in Topaz basket mill. The circulation of the product is created by radial acceleration of the rotating basket. Product is sucked in through the slots of the upper and lower surface. After passing the grinding zone the product is radially discharged through the circumferential screen. The intensive product circulation achieves an ideal grinding process with a high number of circulations

Key Point

A basket mill successfully used for processing paints and pigment preparations, especially for more batches, and less quantities processes. The final fineness can reach 2μm.

Due to the rotating grinding basket

■no sedimentations

■product remaining in basket is centrifuged and thus a minimum loss of product is guaranteed

■easy and thorough cleaning

■higher flexibility of the batch size and viscosity is achieved using the easily exchanged agitator blades

■A stator within the basket decelerates the grinding media and produces the necessary differential speed for the grinding

Wear-resistant material selected

Imported specific stainless steel is selected for main parts of a basket mill. It is designed strictly according to German DIN standards. So why white color and other bright products could be kept the way under grinding by a basket mill from Topaz.

Main Specifications

Model Vnits VBM8 VBM18 VBM37 VBM75
Batch size L 40-170 150-500 250-800 1000-2000
Motor Powder kw 7.5 18.5 37 75
Speed rpm 50-650 50-600 200-500 150-320
Diameter mm 250 320 420 640
Volume L 3.3 6.0 13 40
Pipe Width mm 0.7/1.2 0.7/1.2 0.7/1.2 0.7/1.2
Media Diameter mm 1.0~1.7/2~3 1.0~1.7/2~3 1.0~1.7/2~3 1.0~1.7/2~3
Length mm 1270 1500 2000 2840
Width mm 550 750 950 1450
Height mm 1400 1975 2415 3270
Travel mm 850 1100 1270 1630
Weight kg 540 1250 1500 4000
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